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About Myself

Hello Everyone, my name is Simone Bartoli. Currently I'm a student at Queen Mary's University of London studying Computer Science with Management. I'm very fond of IT, especially related to the financial sector. I think that in the next years tecnology will become more important and it will be in our life more and more. People have various skills, mine is programming. Do you want to know more? Scroll down and find all the information you need.

My Skills

My major skills are in programming.
Through the university and also the various online documentation I have learned over time 3 programming languages and 2 web development languages. I can work hard and finish any project on time. Obviously with the study my knowledge is obviously increasing... so stay up to date.


  • Java

  • PHP

  • Javascript/React

  • Python

  • Qualification

    High School Diploma


    I got a high school certificate with a score of 100/100 with honors.

    College Diploma


    I earned a college certificate with a score of 99/100 at the Leonardo da Vinci scientific high school in Florence.

    IELTS Certificate


    I got an IELTS certificate with an average score of 6.5 / 9.



    I enrolled at Queen Mary University in London and am in the first year of IT Management.


    The PointLess Game

    In November 2020 I developed a small game that is very inspired by the PointLessGame television quiz. The game (still without real graphics) simulates a match between 4 people where everyone has to answer a series of questions right. The point is that the right answer can be more than one and therefore the player takes as many points as the originality and rarity of the same.
    The game is developed in Java and was my first university project.

    PointLess Demonstration

    EstoX Demonstration


    In March 2021 I developed a Java project called EstoX. The program simulates a trading-type investment where a user, through a constant market simulation, can perform DEMO investments on many listed companies. The program saves the data and retrieves the value of the shares from the major equity sites. The program does not provide for any real win or loss but serves to simulate and train inexperienced people in this sector quickly and safely.

    Working Experience


    In 2018 I worked for a year (alternating school and work) within the IT department of a company that produces hydraulic systems for large factories. I managed the server side and programmed small macros to help simplify daily actions.

    Via di Scampo

    In the summer of 2019 and 2020 I worked as a full-time waiter in a fish restaurant in Forte de Marmi.

    Xenia srl

    During 2020 I worked part-time in the IT side of an engineering company. I was in charge of managing the company's domains and mail servers + I created automation scripts for daily operations.

    Queen Mary University

    I'm currently working as a demonstrator for IT first year modules in Queen Mary University of London